MILC Project
Platform Features
    Ingest, asset management and delivery of videos, enabling you to distribute your content to partners and buyers
    Transparent chain of rights management
    Creation of metadata in videos implementing AI-supported automatic subtitling (ie. editorial departments, archives)
    Comprehensive solution for the distribution of film and TV programs Version 2.0 8
    Frame-by-frame video player for direct, straightforward editing
    Issue and manage production orders, plus a status overview for smooth distribution processes
    AI-supported workflows for automatic subtitling (intralingual, translingual)
    Playout for your own IP-based TV channel (linear or on-demand), including DRM via Kaltura
    Automation of time-consuming processes. Can be added seamlessly to existing systems and infrastructures
    Easy-to-use content management and control of the entire production chain from a user-friendly front-end
    Content Marketing by launching and managing social media campaigns with interactive elements embedded in videos, generating click-worthy calls to action can also be used for corporate learning
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